"Scottish Hat"

Scottish Hat

20” x 16” Charcoal and Pastel

This painting was created using a live model. I began with a sketchy under-painting in charcoal. Then I worked in color with pastel medium on the lighted aspects of the face. After adding color to the bust and the hat, I was surprised to find that the painting just worked! The shadow surface of the face was left untouched, exposing the raw under-painting.

"Scottish Hat" is a perfect example of the painting telling the painter when it is finished, and not the other way around.


  • 1st Place: Pastel Painters of Maine 12th International Juried Exhibition in 2111
  • Merit Award: MidAmerican Pastel Society 2010 National Exhibition
  • Merit Award: Pastel Society of New Hampshire, "It's Pastel"
  • National Juried Show 2010 Diane Townsend Award: "It's Pastel", Pastel Society of New Hampshire 2009
"Mad Hatter"

Mad Hatter

24" x 20"    Pastel

"Mad Hatter" is an example of a character with a naturally strong presence.. This model emenated such an essence raw fineness. He seems always to capture the heart and the imagination

He has been in a private collection since immediately after it was completed and therefore is not frequently entered into competition. In spite of that he has been published three times and has won three awards...

The painting won 1st Place in Pastels in Art Buzz International Competition 2012. As a result, it was featured in the hard cover publication "Art Buzz : The 2012 Collection".


  • 13th Annual Faces International Art Exhibition, Upstream People Gallery
  • 2011 International Paintings and Drawings International Exhibit, International Art Search


  • Van Slyke Award – 2011 7th Annual Northeast National Pastel Exhibition, Arts Center ~ Old Forge
  • Certificate of Merit for Pastel, Salmagundi Club 32nd Annual Juried Painting
"Reflection of a Red Dress"

Reflection of a Red Dress

27" x 21"    Pastel

The concept of "Red Dress" was to emphasize the mirror image over the live model, to depict the insight of her self-image. The painting is in a private collection.


  • 2012 – Published in Richeson 75 Pastels, Hardcover Edition of International Competition, Meritorious Entry


  • 2010 – Third Place, "Red" National Competition and Exhibition, Pacific Art League
"Brenda's Miraculous Medal"

Brenda's Miraculous Medal

48" x 36"    Oil

This painting was named for the cherished medal Brenda wore around her neck.


  • 84th Grand National Exhibition, American Artists Professional League 2012
  • Oil Painters of America, On-line Showcase 2011


  • 3rd Place: “Friends, Figures & Faces” Show, Cuyahoga Valley Art Center 2009
  • Honorable Mention:   April Art Show in Gates Mills 2009
  • 2nd Place:  “37th Annual Juries Art Exhibit, Valley Art Center 2008
"Grace's Gaze"

Gracie's Gaze

24" x 20"    Oil


  • First Place: All New England Exhibition (a National Competition) 2011


30" x 24"    Oil


  • Art Buzz: The 2010 Collection
"Kathryn in Red"

Kathryn in Red

20" x 16"    Oil


  • 2nd Place, "National Juried Exhibition 2014," Lancaster County Art Association, 2014 
  • Best In Show, "27th Annual Regional Art Show", Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, "Mark Moon Award,"  2011
"Anita in Black"

Anita in Black

24" x 24" Oil


  • 1st Place, "2014 Hoyt Regional," Hoyt Center for the Arts, 2014
Back Meditation

Back Meditation

26" x 22" Oil


  • 2nd Place, "Space & Form Exhibit," Fredericksburg Center for the Arts, 2014
  • Crane West Award, "Red River Valley International", Red River Valley Museum, 2014


20" x 16" Oil


  • Art Times Award: "Annual Non-Members Show," The Salmagundi Club, 2014
  • Honorable Mention: Gates Mills Annual Exhibition, Gates Mills, 2010
"The Blessing Cup"

The Blessing Cup

24" x 18" Oil


  • 3rd Place Award: Online Members Show, American Artists Professional League, 2014
  • Award of Excellence: Manhattan Arts Online Exhibition, 2013
"Blue Salsa Dress"

Blue Salsa Dress

20" x 16" Pastel


  • 2nd Place: "56th Annual National Juried Exhibition", Gadsden Art Association, 2014